Glue in Hair Extensions

Things Your Stylist Should Have Told You

Picking the right extension for yourself could be quite a long and complicated process
as not only do you have to decide on a colour, hair type, measure but some of
them might not even work with your hair at all. There are those are attached
with clips, that easily end up breaking. Imagine the disaster if it happens
while you are us with your girls. There are others which are “Sew-ins” and woven
into a concealed braid without the usage of any glue. And then we come to ones
which are protein based and glued in to your scalp.

Glue in Extensions

Obviously the latter might seem like the best option out of all, as they would appear
naturally and would practically be unable to be spotted by the untrained,
professional eye and even then it would almost make no impression if done
properly. What your stylist forgot to tell you is that the glue in extensions
could lead to some quite tricky situations. In order for the extension to be properly
applied you would need to have thick strands. Now African-American women mainly
don’t have a problem with that, however, others do.

If you don’t have thick hair, the glue in extensions would be thicker, which could
make it impossible to remove. You would literally be in the same situation as
you were in the third grade when that boy behind you threw his gum in your hair
to catch your attention. While ten years old boys don’t really think situations
through, your stylist is fully aware of the possibility of such scenario and
should definitely inform you.


The previous paragraph might have scared you quite a lot and with a serious reason.
The unfortunate part is that there is no better solution to having extensions.
Sure, the glue in extensions could be quite damaging, however, the alternative
of having it sown in is unthinkable and doesn’t exactly prove to be a better
solution. The third option of the clip-in extensions should not even be

Advantages to Glue-in Extensions

  • You will feel instant gratification. The well made glue-in
    extensions have the purpose of saving you months of time. You would need to
    wait quite the duration for your hair to grow that much.
  • The most important part though is their versatility.
    You could put any colour of your choosing as well as the texture and length of
    the glue-in extensions. All of that will allow you to customise and personalise
    them and have they styled as per your desires. The amount of combinations is
  • They appear as a natural part of your hair and cannot
    be recognised, which is essential.

It is true though, that they could be somewhat expensive and you would spend a
good amount of time in the salon for your stylist to apply them and that they
hold some potential danger, however, it is all worth it considering the
magnificent look which they grant.

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