How to earn thousands USD monthly?

EASY TO EARN PASSIVE INCOME WITH THOUSANDS US DOLLAR MONTHLY, REALLY? LET READ HERE TO KNOW HOW: is one the best suppliers for hair extensions & wigs products from Vietnam. We owns a real factory and a powerful e-Commerce platform to has full access to control fully a close-process from production to delivery to end-users, to make sure our customers will receive the best quality products at the lowest cost. Our brand already exist over 10 years in the market, that confirmed the credibility and stability of our company.

Our affiliate program bring to you a great chance to earn passive income (life-time) from your referrals. Our products are expensive products, focusing in professional customers who buy regularly like hairdressers, hair salon owners, hair care distributors, wholesalers, trading/importing companies, etc… from every countries in the world. Beside of that, let remember that half of the world is women and their need for “become more beauty” is a paramount need which require constant satisfaction like “eat and drink needs”, so you can imagine that our products and business model are never out of date, the market are really-really wide and potential.

From each customer converted from your referrals, we will pay you a life-time commissions from every purchases they have made on our online store. The average value of each order is from several thousand US dollar to several tens of thousands of US dollar, so it will bring to you really attractive passive incomes… And it’s amazing that you will not earn only from sales commissions, our program designed to pay you addition bonus commissions (MLM) and more rewards (CPC, CPM, CPL, etc..) for growing the affiliate network. And it is fully automated, you only need to do a few simple steps which are “nothing is easier” to start making money online with us. Are you ready?

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  • Enter AFFILIATE menu (1) , scroll down to complete our Affiliate Registration Form (2)

  • Login with your affiliate account
  • Enter AFFILIATE menu, follow the instruction (3) to complete your Payout setup (4)


  • In Affiliate Dashboard, click Marketing menu >> Affiliate Links to get your affiliate URLs or Creatives to get our advertising banners (5)

  • Your default Affiliate Link (6) for promoting on your website, your blog, and B2B/B2C/eCommerce marketplaces (like,,, etc…)

  • You should use your Affiliate ShortLink which generated with Bitly service (7) for promoting on Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc… instead of using your default Affiliate Link (to bypass their spam filter robot)

  • Click Marketing menu >> Creatives to get our advertising banners and its HTML codes (8)


  • Publish your Affiliate URLs & Advertising banners on your websites, your blogs, your social channels, B2B/B2C/eCommerce marketplaces, and every places on the Internet
  • Share and promote them to get as much referrals as possible
  • Comeback to our Affiliate Dashboard to check your commissions & additional rewards at Referrals menu (9)


  • Share this chance to your friends, invite them to earn money together with our affiliate program (10) and grow-up your MLM network (11)

***** Check our commissions & rewards detail here *****

Just a few simple steps, you have done a great job to start earning thousands US Dollar monthly. Please wait to see the result and it will surprise you!

Thank you for reading this post and hope you will come aboard with us!

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