Micro Extensions: What is the Best Hair Extension Method for You?




Micro extensions come
from synthetic and human hair. The synthetic extensions are coated with
silicone so that they can have a healthy gloss, but this glossiness fades with
time. Human hair extensions resemble the real human hair, and you can style and
dye them as if they are your own hair.
There are various ways of applying the hair extensions and it can be a
challenge to figure out the best application method for you. Below is an
evaluation of the various extension applications.

Keratin Bond

Hair stylists do apply
the micro extensions through tiny keratin bonds at the end of the hair
extension using a hot tool. Keratin bond extensions look fabulous, and that is
why they are very popular. If you choose this type of hair extension, you
should avoid applying conditioners, heated appliances or oil near the bonding
area. If you expose the keratin bonds to these substances, you weaken the bond,
and your extensions will not last for a long time. Keratin bond extensions
require extensive upkeep, and they can last for at least 3 months.


Stylists use bonds that
resemble cello tape to connect the tape micro extensions to your hair. The
stylists place your hair between the two cello tapes and then clamed for a firm
grip. These extensions can last for a long time if you take care when washing
your hair. It is advisable to apply wide bonds in order to give your hair a
healthy look. The tape hair extensions can last up to six months, and they do
not require regular maintenance. After six months, the extensions can start
tangling with your hair.


Stylists apply the
sewn-in micro extensions onto the client’s braided hair. This type of hair
extension is ideal if you have thick hair because the stylist must braid the
natural hair tightly in order to hold the extension. The sewn-in extensions
require regular upkeep to ensure the braided hair remain tight to avoid
loosening. It is advisable to visit the salon after six weeks. Durability of
the extension depends on the hair quality.


Micro-ring extensions do
not require tape or sewing. The hair stylist applies the micro extensions using
little bead. The stylist clamps the tiny bead at the end of the extension to
your hair. Micro-ring extensions can last for long, and once you have
extensions, you can apply hair products comfortably. The extensions are ideal
if you want to dye the hair or use various styling equipment. These extensions
can last for three to four months.

If you want to have
durable hair extensions, ensure that you follow the stylist’s instructions.
Avoid pulling the hair because you can weaken the attachment.

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