Things to Know About Keratin Tip Hair Extension

girls don’t care much about extensions and only try them out for their wedding
days. Why wouldn’t you try something new such as keratin tip hair extension If
you haven’t done something new about your hair in ages though? Perhaps you are
scared that it would damage the hair or will just generally not look well or
cause you discomfort

Know Your Worth

keratin tip hair extension is made out of real human hair which is not
processed in any way. Obviously, you would need to consult with a stylist
before purchasing so that it would match your hair style and colour. In some
salons, you would find the extensions ready to use on the same day.

can’t guarantee of the results it would provide to you, what I can say; however
is that it won’t bring any harm. The keratin tip hair extension can be
manipulated the same way as any normal hair. It can be dyed, curled, heated or
straightened, whatever you choose to opt in for. Attaching them is tricky. You
would need to use ultrasonic waves or heat which will essentially “glue” the
extensions to your own hair.

stylist should already know how to do it, but they are put in rows so that they
would be covered at any times, even if you decide to gather your hair into a
ponytail and go for a jog. This makes the extensions practically unnoticeable.

The Process

you still feel as if something is unclear, I will share my own experience with
the keratin tip hair extension and what the stylist did. First off, my hair was
fully dried up as it was raining while going to the salon. Afterwards, my hair
was split into different sections so that the stylist would be able to work on
my hair in rows and place the extensions strategically at around half an inch
away from the roots of my hair. The third part of the process is attaching the
extension via a tool, this will vary in different locations.

the end, my hair was blown out, and the stylist made sure that everything is in
order, attached and layered properly so that none of it would be visible.

The Effect and the

someone that has never used extensions before, I was literally stunned. I
looked amazing, and while it did feel weird at first as there are physically
attached beads on your hair, it is worth the short discomfort and definitely
worth the look. If you ever wanted to feel like a Disney princess, then keratin
tip hair extensions are the way to go.

be sure to be careful when you wash your hair afterwards. While it’s very hard
to yank one off even with a brush, its recommended that you don’t use sulphates
which might break the “glue” which attaches it to the hair.

will fall in love with your new fuller, longer hair and ask yourself why you
didn’t try this out earlier. Experimenting with your looks could be quite
fearsome, but this will change your views completely.

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