Best Loyalty Program’s loyalty program is designed to provide happy shopping experiences to our customers who purchases online on our web store or participates in our online events. This program is also brings many attractive benefits to the loyal customers. This is a points system, by making online purchases, doing certain activities, and in holidays, in special days or in our online events, you will be rewarded with a number of loyalty points. These points can be used for shopping, or accumulated to upgrade membership to get more discount when shopping, or redeem products in our promotional events, or used as cryptocurrency in our future ecosystem, etc…

Here are some ways to be rewarded loyalty points:

Your activityPoints reward
Signup as a member100
Spend $2 for making online purchases
(Points reward per $2 spent)
Be member for a year500
In your birthday500
Visit our web store daily
(Points reward per day)
Signed in & keep your account active for a week
(Points reward per week)
Review products
(Points reward per a review)
Join Affiliate Program50
Review our website on TrustPilot*
Follow our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube
(Points reward per channel)
Share a specify content in your Facebook, Twitter,
Linkedin, Pinterest (Point reward per channel)
Other activities / events**
(*) We are currently building tracking method for these activities, points reward for these activities will be updated later.
(**) We are keep updating this loyalty program to bring more ways to reward more loyalty points to our loyalty customers.

Join our Affiliate Program to get more benefits:

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