Best thin hair for Jewish wigs & hair extensions

We are VIETNAM HAIR STAR COMPANY, is one of biggest hair extensions factories in Vietnam with over 10 years experience in this industry.
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With over 10 years experience supplying to customers in Jewish market, we understand what is exact type of raw human hair needed for their best quality wigs & hair extensions. That is the best thin hair which collected from young ladies which is very thin, very soft, and very silky. To make sure the quality of thin hair provides to our Jewish customers is always on top 1 quality of the market: we filter over and over again hair bundles with very strict criteria for choosing the best quality, and only 2-3Kg is the best thin hair which can be chosen from 100Kg of raw human hair collected from the market (2-3%). Also, we guarantee our thin hair is 100% natural remy & virgin human hair from Vietnamese young ladies, no chemical treatment.

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