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  • ⮚ Payments accepted: Cash, Bank transfer (T/T), Money transfer (Western Union, MoneyGram, Unistream, Leader, Xpress Money, Lucky money, Paydek, Anelik, Coinstar Money Transfer - CMT, Bancomer Transfer Services - BTS, Ezremit, Contact, RIA, Sigue or Eway Pickup), PayPal (only for small orders less than $500).
  • ⮚ Minimum order quantity: 1Kg/item (for normal orders) or 0.5Kg/item (for sample orders).
  • ⮚ Supply ability: 2000~3000Kg/month (raw hair), 500~1000Kg/month (hair extensions).
  • ⮚ Trade terms: EXW, FCA, CPT.
  • ⮚ Shipping: Express service (UPS, FedEx, DHL, EMS) or cargo service (Airlines) or post service.

Definitions about product:

  • Raw hair & bulk hair: is hair bundles tied with rubberband, are the first and basic materials to make weft hair, hair extensions and wigs...
  • Weft hair: is hair strands (from raw hair) which has been sewn and linked at the root part (or top part) into a weft by hand (hand-tied weft hair) or by sewing machine (machine weft hair).
  • Vietnamese hair: hair have origin from Vietnamese women. Hair are thin, strong, soft and silky. Almost textures are straight, very light wavy or light wavy. Our company collected Vietnamese hair direct from Vietnamese women or hair collectors. Popular sizes (which can be collected big quantity) are from 20cm to 65cm (or from 8" to 26").
  • Cambodian hair: hair have origin from Cambodian women. Hair are thick and coarse. Have also wavy and curly textures. Very suitable for African women. Our company imported Cambodian hair from Cambodia. Popular sizes (which can be collected big quantity) are from 20cm to 50cm (or from 8" to 20").
  • Virgin hair: a virgin hair bundle is only cut from one woman (one lady hair). Original hair from women and only washes to clean dirty. Have two ways to cut hair from women: trim at the root part of hair pieces in head (1st) or cut pony tail (2nd, hair bundle cut by this way will have more short hair than 1st way).
  • Natural hair: original hair from women, have full cuticle, not re-treated with chemical, not re-dyed, not re-bleached.
  • Remy hair: all hair strands inside a remy hair bundle have the same direction from root to tip (top to bottom) so it never tangled (even after washed with hot water).
  • Non-remy hair: vice versa with remy hair.
  • Drawn hair: A drawn hair bundle combined from many small hair bundles which drawn from virgin hair bundles and have customized ratio (ratio of short hair strands and long hair strands inside a hair bundle). Although a drawn hair bundle combined from many hair strands of many women but our workers very carefully to only combine hair strands which have the same physical properties (the same characteristics) so it is like virgin hair (hair from one women) and can be used in bleaching / dyeing process or change textures without any problems. Depending on the way to drawn hair will have remy drawn hair or non-remy drawn hair, single drawn hair or double drawn hair.
  • Gray hair: hair have natural gray color which collected from old women.
  • Super thin hair (also called baby hair): hair bundles are very thin, very soft, very silky and very shine which collected from very young women (baby girls and teen girls). Very suitable for Jewish wigs.
  • Colored hair: hair which have dyed and bleached to make customized colors.

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