Getting Sew In Extensions: Essential Considerations

Your hair is your crowning glory, which makes it easy to
understand why there are a lot of people who invest in making their hair as
beautiful as possible. With the advancements in modern technology, you can say
goodbye to bad hair day forever. With innovative solutions, like in the case of
sew in extensions, you can get the hair that you want. If you are interested in
the latter, keep on reading and know more about some of the considerations that
should be taken into account.

Human or Synthetic Hair Extensions

When thinking of sew in extensions, one of the first things
that should be taken into account would be the kind of hair that will be used.
Generally speaking, you have to choose from two: human or synthetic hair. The
most popular choice is human hair because of its natural look and ease of
styling. You can treat it just like natural hair, and even style it with the
use of hair iron or curlers. The problem, however, is that they can be
expensive. This is the main reason why synthetic hair extension is also
popular. The latter offers a variety of styles for sew in extensions.

Color of the Extensions

Another important consideration for sew in extensions would
be the color of the hair. Ideally, you should choose one that is as close as
possible to the shade of your natural hair. However, if you want the extensions
to be different, choose a brighter color so that you can show it off. For
natural human hair, you might find it hard to find a color that matches your
own hair. You can choose to have it dyed by a professional to achieve the color
you want.

Cutting and Styling

This is something that you cannot do on your own, and hence,
you should find time to visit the salon and seek help from a professional. To
find the right cut and style ideal for sew in extensions, ask a salon, stylist.
They will know the latest trends, and more importantly, they can determine
which one is perfect for your face shape and personal style.

After-care and Maintenance

To keep your sew in extensions at its best, there is a need
to execute the care that is required. This may differ depending on the type of
hair that you had for the extension. It is important to maintain the right
position of the head when having the hair washed and to be gentle in massaging
as shampoo is applied. Do not be too harsh as this can lead into ruining your sew
in extensions. Stay away from hair products with alcohol content as this can
cause significant damage. 

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